Wearable Infrared Heating Pad

Lower Back



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Infraway targeted heating technology will help you manage muscle and joint pain and facilitate warm-up and recovery. With a lightweight design and intuitive user interface, Infraway treatment blends seamlessly with your daily routine. Warm up faster and recovery better with each use.

Included with purchase: Infraway Carrying Case and USB-C Wall Charger

Deep, Penetrating, Infrared Heat
3 Heat Settings
Form-Fitting Design
Built-In 20-Minute Timer with Automatic Shutoff
USB-C Charging

Use Cases



Reducing Injury and Increasing Performance
Wear during a dynamic warm up and stretching prior to getting into your workout. Our infrared technology helps the targeted muscle groups quickly reach optimal temperatures for performance.


Recover Faster and On-The-Go
After your workout, wear during your cool down routine or on the way to work to keep you feeling fresh for tomorrow. Relieve tightness and pain, reduce soreness, and recover better.

Intermittent and Chronic Pain

Feel Good, Live Better
While you’re running errands or sitting at your desk, let Infraway help manage your intermittent and chronic pain in any situation. You can wear our product discreetly underneath your clothing for convenience and privacy.
We recommend using our products with a 20/60 rule: 20 minutes on, 60 minutes off. Our research and customer testimonials have shown this to be the optimal method to reduce intermittent and chronic pain.