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The L1 features motion sensing hardware that allow us to capture and share unique movement insights with our users. The purpose here is to give each user a view of how they use the L1 from the perspective of: Volume – the average amount of movement measured during session(s) Variety – the average amount of movement […]

Turning Up the Heat: Infraway Puts Health and Wellness Market Competitors on Notice with the Release of L1

Company’s Next-generation, Tech-infused, IoT-enabled Heating Device Addresses the Limitations of Consumer Options to Enable More Effective Recovery Therapies SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 21, 2023 –Infraway, dedicated to the advancement of tech-infused recovery and relief options to increase the overall health and wellness of everyone, today announced the launch of L1, its next-gen, first-of-a-kind IoT-enabled […]